Disclaimer : This is not a track by track review of the album. First off let me talk about the deal, plaudits to the businessman and mogul that is Shawn Carter for pulling this off and executing this venture oh so flawlessly. As we all know by striking a deal with Samsung, penning that the […]

After releasing Date Night II for free I took a listen to the relatively brief (4 track) instrumental EP , I caught up with Houston Producer Costa.  YVRX2 : I find it interesting that you have not adapted that Chopped and Screwed Houston sound that’s been rampant through Houston. Why is that though ? \ […]

Okay first, let me so vividly express the sheer disappointment that consumed me when I looked at the tracklist. 5 tracks. FIVE. The Irish rapper has gained a recognizable buzz the last couple of months, working under the moniker of Lecs Luger in the past. This very short, but highly anticipated tape is the first […]

Hooked up to catch a couple words with New Zeland raised (residing now in Melbourne) producer Pranav, better known as Hundred Different after the latest installment of his discography Junk Food hit online piquing interest of several blogs and forums alike.  YVRX2 : The artwork for Junk Food Is sick, who did it ? HD: […]

So I was on tumblr and somehow came across this. It’s a compilation of all the samples used on YEEZUS. The thing that really blew me away was the intro. A GianniLee Produced beat utilizing all of the samples. Take a listen.   

After putting out the Betty Crocker track and announcing his second project under his familiar alias ‘Sir Lanceloot’ Superlative dropped the quite anticipated ‘NEVER’ instrumental tape. The tape features appearances from LV and Stripes Solid, differing from his previous work ‘AGE’ in length as well.  The 15 track long EP is the accurately executed blend of space […]

A week after taking to twitter leaking the first track off his forthcoming project ‘BURNT GOLD’ Tiger5hark teamed up with G.O.F (Giiibbz Of Fizix) behind the camera to present the Official Stitch Video. Take a look.  

A follow up to the Vantage Point EP released just the day before. Electronic Instrumental EP entitled ‘Vietnam’ dropped tonight. Features 4 tracks all produced by.. STREAM BELOW

 I may be a bit late on this one, definitely glad I came across Rejjie, formerly known as Lecs Luger. I discovered about this Irish rapper some time last week on the NOISEY youtube page. They Posted visuals for his track ‘Lost In Empathy‘. Very gripping video about the albino hunt, portraying himself being hunted.  […]